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Buying a home during the coronavirus period

People must still buy and sell properties even during a pandemic. The reality is that the real estate market operates continuously, because people start new jobs, welcome an addition to the family or don’t renew their lease because they intend to buy a starter home.

Since March 2020, the Quebec government has put in place measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. To respect these guidelines when buying a property, the following steps become even more important:

Online listings: the best showcase

These days, people search for properties online first and foremost. That’s good news! Buyers can view listings to see what properties are available on the market and even take a first tour of the property remotely when the 3D virtual tour is available. 

All the information in the listing allows potential buyers to quickly determine whether the property meets their needs and budget, thus preventing needless visits.

Asking the right questions

Once the listing has been viewed carefully, it's time for the buyer to contact the seller. Whether by phone, email or video call, it’s important to double-check the information in the listing and to ask the owner as many questions as possible. So, the buying process begins from the comfort of one’s living room!

Planning a safe visit

Once questions have been answered and it’s clear that the property meets the buyer’s needs, it’s a great idea to do a first tour via video call. This can complement the 3D virtual tour or compensate for it if it isn’t available in the listing. It also lets the owner show the potential buyer how rooms are set up or view aspects that aren’t as easily visible on photos.

After the initial steps above, it is possible to make an appointment for a visit. During that visit, certain hygiene measures issued by the public health department must be respected.

Once the buyer settles on a property, it’s possible to use technology to negotiate the terms of the offer to purchase remotely. Getting the offer verified by a notary is an especially good idea under the circumstances, once that stage of the transaction is reached.