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If you’re moving, speak to your insurer about it!

Are you moving into your new home or apartment soon? All you need to do is contact your insurer who’ll be able to help you prepare for the move. You can also update your home insurance policy at the same time.

The secret to a successful move starts with planning. On top of packing your belongings and changing your address, remember to update your insurance file once the moving date has been determined.

Do you plan to have a pool or hot tub installed? Did you buy new furniture? Are you moving in with someone? Your insurer will be able to review your new situation. It will also be able to provide sound advice to help you protect your new property. That way, you’ll also make sure that your insurance coverage is adequate.

Protecting your belongings during the move

Your belongings are covered for 30 days under your home insurance policy and this applies both to your new and previous home (in Canada). It is therefore better to check that you have an insurance policy in effect on the day of the move.

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Certain conditions and limitations may apply based on your insurance policy. Ask your insurer which coverage is included in your policy.